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Peter Cetinski pete at pski.net
Thu Jan 1 19:44:21 CST 1970

> Bringing this topic full circle, does anyone know if any minicomputers
> (DEC PDP-8s or 11s, DG Novæ, HP 21XXs, et cetera) were ever used on
> aircraft? Not transported by one, but I mean setup and used on one.
> <<<<
> Not finding it easy to get a definitive answer but
> It's a fair bet that some military computers using the PDP/11 architecture were used … probably on AEW, AWACS, and maritime patrol planes.
> Brits will, of course, have used UK computers such as versions of the GEC2050 or GEC4080 or possibly versions of the Ferranti Argus range (though those may have been too heavy for airborne use as they were designed for shipboard use)

Well, I’ve heard that the TRS-80 Model I was used on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701

https://youtu.be/I0a86rWE5cc <https://youtu.be/I0a86rWE5cc>

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