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On Fri, 19 Jun 2015, Toby Thain wrote:

>  "in 1949 the Air Force ordered all the flying wings destroyed, all the jigs 
> and tools destroyed, every trace of the flying wing eradicated. A few years 
> later even the engineering drawings were all destroyed by new Northrop 
> management."
I don't know why they went to those lengths, but it's my understanding 
that the program was cancelled because at the time, the USAAF (USAF?) 
mandated stall testing as part of their development programs.  Without 
serious flight control computers, stalling a flying wing just ends up in a 
freshly planted aluminum tree.  Even WITH good computers, stalling a 
flying wing is a Bad Idea(tm).  AFAIK, the B-2 has never been stalled (on 
purpose), even during development.


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