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>>> That’s the modern Digital logo, not the DEC logo that looks like the
>>> plug-in cards. I thought you had a ps of the original pre-1957 DEC
>>> logo.

>> Pre-1957???  That would be a good trick…

> I’m just going along with what that web site said that they had a
> different logo and then in 1957 they got their current logo.

OK, I went off and had a look at the page.  It does not say that the
older logo existed before 1957 (when DEC was founded), only that it
was earlier than the familiar design.  You simply read too much into
the "designed in 1957" part.

I suspect that the date is wrong in any case, because the "dec" logo is
obscurely visible on the #1103 System Building Block seen in the picture
on the Wikipedia page,[1] and first ship on those modules was 1958.


[1] Hey, the pictures, unlike the text, aren't open to dispute, much.

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