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On 19 June 2015 at 10:58, ANDY HOLT <andy.holt at tesco.net> wrote:
> At RAF Duxford (less than an hours drive from my home) you can see
> Concorde*, a SR-71, a Lancaster, a Vulcan**, one of the only two remaining TSR-2s***, a Bf109**** and many many more.
Is the Lancaster at Duxford the other flightworthy one? I can't recall.

> * This was flown in to the airfield but could never be flown out again because the runway was then shortened for the building of the M11.
Well, that's a good way to "steal" a plane for display, hah.

> ** There's another Vulcan less than 10 miles from my home :)
> *** If you think the SR-71 was killed-off with unseemly haste read the history of the TSR-2
Avro Canada CF-105 "Arrow"; look it up, and see why one of the first
things I plan to do if someone ever invents a time machine is go back
to 1959 and introduced my steel toe boots to Diefenbaker's crotch,

Then again, that did give us the Gemini capsule, since I believe
McDonnell (among others) ended up snapping up the unemployed Avro
Canada workers. (Thanks Diefenbaker, you screwed our aviation industry
in exchange for some shitty missiles we didn't want, and a bunch of
early warning radar sites that were obsolete in minutes... oh and
they're all environmental disaster sites.)

> Yes, I know this is OT - but does seem a popular thread.
I'm sorry, what was the original topic again? :P

Bringing this topic full circle, does anyone know if any minicomputers
(DEC PDP-8s or 11s, DG Novæ, HP 21XXs, et cetera) were ever used on
aircraft? Not transported by one, but I mean setup and used on one.

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