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On Fri, 19 Jun 2015, ANDY HOLT wrote:

> **** I expect that quite a lot of Bf109s are currently being made 
> airworthy in time for the75th anniversary of AdlerTag … it quite 
> surprised me that there were more flyable than I might have guessed, but 
> none in the possession of the RAF or the Confederate Airforce - but I'd 
> bet that the Battle-of-Britain flight will have restored at least one 
> from the RAF museum soon. OK - fun question, when was the last time that 
> Bf109s and Spitfires were in genuine aerial combat (and who flew which 
> side)? (Last time both were flying in close proximity was probably 
> during the making of the film "Battle of Britain" in 1968/9)
I suspect in actual combat would be 1947 in Israel (as the S-199).
The aircraft used in the film were all Buchons, not "real" Bf-109s.
There are a surprising number (4+) of "new build" Bf-109G and K models. 
They're "technically" restorations because they're building around an 
existing data plate.  A leader in this is Arsenal 45.  They've already 
finished the build of a brand new Bf-109K4.  There are also a few people 
involved with building brand new DB-601 engines based on scanned parts, 
original engineering drawings and newly created drawings from existing 

This ties nicely into this: http://www.simpits.org/geneb/?p=365
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