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Welcome to ClassicCmp

ClassicCmp is a resource for enthusiasts of classic computer hardware, software, and documentation. ClassicCmp's goals are:

ClassicCmp began as a mailing list on March 13, 1997 and has since evolved into an online community with nearly a thousand members worldwide. Today, ClassicCmp is the world's largest organization of its kind and is home to many of the most prominent enthusiasts.

Project Status

As computing technology matures, an increasing number of people are beginning to enjoy classic computers. Though the mailing lists remain ClassicCmp's primary service, additional resources are being developed to meet the needs of this expanding community. These include a data archive for software and documentation, a link database to ease web surfing, an improved web interface, and a notifier to connect available collectibles to interested takers. The ClassicCmp infrastructure is developed by several of its members in their spare time, and thus progress is slow but steady.

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