FTGH - Decstation 5000 plus many extras

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at ntlworld.com
Tue May 19 16:54:14 CDT 2020

On 19/05/2020 21:43, Adrian Graham via cctalk wrote:
> That’s the famously heavy Trinitron-powered VRT19, the one that was on my hallway floor when you came to visit in happier climes.

Ah, I used to have one of those on my desk in REO2 at one point. I still 
have the very VAXstation 3100M76 that it was attached to, but luckily I 
didn't hang on to the monitor itself!

You'll have to forgive me not remembering it: something that small was 
never going to standout in your collection, was it :-)

> it’s a workstation monitor, RGB+sync-on-green and is for pretty much anything DEC with a 13W3 video connector. Not VT240/Rainbow. Remember me telling you about the static shock trick you could pull on people? :)
> Cheers,


Antonio Carlini
antonio at acarlini.com

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