Mark Matlock mark at matlockfamily.com
Tue Mar 31 10:43:41 CDT 2020

>Problem with that is all the files get jumbled into one directory
>and I am sure the build will want them in the right proj,uid locations
>in order to work.  I am thinking a backup tape may do the job.  SPD's
>seem to say that later versions of RSX and RSTS had compatible BACKUP
>formats.  We'll see.  If that don't work there is always kermit.  :-)

>It must be possible because the installation manual says the
>installation tape works for all four PDP-11 OSes.
   I’ve looked extensively to see if I can find the original distribution tape image and can’t find it. 
At one point DEC donated the APL-11 to DECUS and I think that is when I got it back in 1984 or so. The files I have include the Macro-11 source code which as near as I can tell was not on the DEC distribution when it was a layered product. I now think that the copy of APL-11 I have must have come from a restored backup tape from my old system.
   In the DEC distribution, it was a DOS-11 tape which could be read by all the PDP-11 OSes as you say. I just attempted to create a DOS-11 tape similar to the DEC distribution, but when I try to run the installation against it I get a task build of APL that doesn’t work. It immediately exits and I think is due to some differences between the auto overlay code in RSX11M+ V4.6 and the V2.1 M+ that I used to have. I added the .MAC files and .CMD files (for assembly, and linking) to the tape and make it available at:

http://www.rsx11m.com/apl11.tap <http://www.rsx11m.com/apl11.tap>
   Let me know if that works for you. It may build under RSTS fine. 
   A backup plan to make it available is that also on the same web site are two disk images for the PiDP-11/70 folks that is a complete RSX11M+ V4.6 ready to run under Simh. On the DU1 disk image in [201,50] and [201,200] are all the APL-11 files I have. That system also installs a working APL-11 for RSX.

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