FFS - PrismIQ Keyboards

Marvin Johnston marvin at west.net
Mon Dec 28 12:44:06 CST 2020

I am starting to clean out stuff, and one of the things I don't need are 
these new PrismIQ IR keyboards. Apparently they were originally used 
with some multimedia stuff in the early 2000s. Because I am just trying 
to get rid of this stuff, I am only offering them in cases (boxes) of 10 
keyboards. These use IR to connect to the device and have no other 

The keyboards are membrane type with the main chip inside being a 
Winbond W78le812-24. Power is supplied by four AA batteries.

The cases (10 keyboards) are 20 pounds with a size of 18"x18"x10", and I 
am in Santa Barbara, CA. Unfortunately, I am unlikely to run out since I 
have some 40+ cases of them. I generally ship USPS Priority but can ship 
UPS if necessary. And again, they are free for the cost of shipping.

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