Ouch, but 2 Perqs out.

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Sat Dec 12 20:31:51 CST 2020

> DigiBarn has a few pictures of a PERQ 1 and a T2:
> http://www.digibarn.com/collections/systems/perqt2/index.html

Yep, the 1 is out, and one of the other two is a T2 like the picture.

> There's the rarer PERQ 2, which I have a picture of here:

Hm. The other one does not look like that, it is similar in shape to the 
T2 but it's a different shape and says ICL on the front. I grabbed both 
of the front panels because they were accessible, will post pics in a bit.

> If you pull the side, front, and rear panels off (be careful there -- 
> the drives are mounted to the rear, and there are cables to deal with), 
> and pull the boards, it should be significantly lighter.

Ok. Next time I go over I'll see if I can at least uncover one. Maybe I 
can stack the Sun gear where the Perq1 was.

> Sounds like the newer-style portrait monitor for the PERQ 2 to me.

Yeah, it reminded me of that 66 line terminal people had in the early 
80's. It was up and down, not side to side, were the other monitors 
landscape only?

And a big DB style plug to go into the computer.

> It varies.  See the Digibarn T2 pictures for one example; the 
> Summagraphics Bit Pad One was another common option -- big white tablet 
> about 15" square with a 4-button wired puck.  GPIB interface.  There was 
> also the Kriz tablet which was smaller and had three buttons.

Ok, there are a lot of junk sun keyboards and mice in there and it's a 
mess with all the general crud. What does the plug going to the Perq 
look like? Are they optical or mechanical?

> Looking forward to pictures!

I'll post some in a bit. Not very good ones, but best we can do.


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