Game Of Life, John H. Conway

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at
Thu Apr 30 14:15:37 CDT 2020

Seeing that video makes me want to play around with game of life again.
Once it came out in October 1970 Sci Am, we were all coding it but 
not nearly as much fun doing it as a batch FORTRAN job and having to 
enter cells on punched cards (at least we could run that initial game 
configuration card deck through a card printer to see if any errors).

Last version I wrote was in PDP8 assembler to run on a TSS-8 which at 
least allowed one to see each generation on TTY, but slow.

>Not really on Classic Hardware, but we lost John Conway to corona :(
>And I think, most of us tried it on a terminal before ;-)
>Enjoyu in full HD:

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