Game Of Life, John H. Conway

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> Not really on Classic Hardware, but we lost John Conway to corona :(
> And I think, most of us tried it on a terminal before ;-)

There's a fantastic implementation of Life using the custom Amiga
chipset to run the generation calculations.  On hardware from 1985
(7.16MHz 68000) it was able to hit almost 20 generations per second on
a medium-res screen (the 68000 just set up the playfield and let the
blitter do the heavy lifting).  This was *amazing* for those of us who
were used to several seconds per generation at 40x25 or 80x25.

It's on Fish Disk #31


Life Executes the cellular automata game of LIFE in the
blitter chip. Uses a 318 by 188 display and runs at
19.8 generations per second. Author: Tomas Rokicki

> Enjoy in full HD:

Pretty neat.


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