Help installing HP 2000 contributed library in simh

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Mon Apr 6 04:20:24 CDT 2020

For  some  reason I  do not  remember having to enter each and every  file  name  to load  it  in to a real 2000f   but  then again it  has  been 40 years!  Ed#
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> I've been able set up Simh with 2000F TSB and everything is working
> fine. Using the latest release I can find out there, HP2100 release
> 29. Now I'd like to be able to install some of the Contributed
> Software Library but despite reading the various TSB manuals and Simh
> doc, I've been unable to actually get anything loaded.

My acquaintance with the HP Time-Shared BASICs is only passing, and you 
didn't mention where you picked up the CSL image, but the ones at Bitsavers 
appear to be selective dumps of various accounts.  For those, you'd want to 
do a selective load of the desired files from the tape image.

If you're using the 2000F kit from the trailing-edge site, you can use the 
"tsb-man" startup file to begin a manual system startup.  You'd answer the 
startup questions as follows:

  NUMBER OF PORTS? <just press ENTER>

At this point, mount the CSL tape on the tape drive and then enter the 
account and file names of the files you wish to restore.  When you enter 
the END command, the system will load the named accounts or files from the 

The process is described on pages 4-19 through 4-22 in the "HP 20854A 
Timeshared BASIC/2000, Level F System Operator's Manual" (HP part number 
02000-90074, Nov-1974) that is available from Bitsavers.

One caveat: I don't know, but I suspect that the selective dump tapes are 
version-specific, i.e., one for 2000 Access won't work on 2000F.  I don't 
know with which systems the Bitsavers tapes are compatible.

> Thanks in advance.

You're welcome.

Feel free to contact me directly I can clarify anything.

                                      -- Dave

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