Help installing HP 2000 contributed library in simh

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at
Sat Apr 4 21:54:44 CDT 2020

Okay, I've only ever been a user, back in high school, of HP 2000F TSB 
system but wanted to play with it again and learn more about the system. 
I've been able set up Simh with 2000F TSB and everything is working 
fine. Using the latest release I can find out there, HP2100 release 29. 
Now I'd like to be able to install some of the Contributed Software 
Library but despite reading the various TSB manuals and Simh doc, I've 
been unable to actually get anything loaded.

Can anyone with experience with this lend me a hand, some tutorial or 
point the way to some instructions I may have missed?

Thanks in advance.

David Williams

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