ISO: Cipher F880 tape drive, Fujitsu Eagle disk drive

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> Years and years ago I owned a Lambda, along with a couple friends.  I'm
> going to guess this was around 1993 or so, give or take a few years.  It
> had been owned by Ames Lab at Iowa State University.  We had it running for
> about six months and decided to sell it to someone I believe was in
> Madison, Wi or Minneapolis.  I always wondered what happened to that
> machine.

Very cool.  This machine appears to have been used at Rockwell
International.  Other than that, I don't know much about its history.  Thus
far I have it powering up and loading SDU diagnostics (/extremely slowly/)
from an old Qualstar drive.  I'd love to find the correct Cipher drive
since it'll fill in that space in the top correctly and likely be a ton
faster than this thing :).

> I do have manual for it that had gotten separated from it before the
> sale.  "Introduction to the Lambda - A Guide for Programmers".  It's about
> a hundred pages or so, and it goes into the basics about setting up and
> booting the machine, using the windowing system and zemacs, and general
> environment information.  I don't know if anyone would be interested in
> this document.  I'm interested in keeping the original artifact for
> nostalgia reasons, but I'd be willing to scan it in if there was interest.

Scanning is always good, I'd like to see it for sure.  I have several large
boxes full of documentation, unfortunately removed from their original
binders -- there was serious mold on them unfortunately, but most of the
actual paper made it out OK.  I have yet to go through and scan them
(they're so musty I'm waiting until facemasks become available again before
taking them on.).

- Josh

> -mike
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> Subject: ISO: Cipher F880 tape drive, Fujitsu Eagle disk drive
> I'm working on restoring an LMI Lambda, which is missing both its tape
> drive and its disk drive.  If anyone has a Cipher F880 9-track drive or a
> Fujitsu Eagle SMD drive, drop me a line.  Be nice if they were in working
> condition, but so long as they're repairable I can work with 'em.
> Thanks!
> Josh

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