ISO: Cipher F880 tape drive, Fujitsu Eagle disk drive

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Years and years ago I owned a Lambda, along with a couple friends.  I'm going to guess this was around 1993 or so, give or take a few years.  It had been owned by Ames Lab at Iowa State University.  We had it running for about six months and decided to sell it to someone I believe was in Madison, Wi or Minneapolis.  I always wondered what happened to that machine.

I do have manual for it that had gotten separated from it before the sale.  "Introduction to the Lambda - A Guide for Programmers".  It's about a hundred pages or so, and it goes into the basics about setting up and booting the machine, using the windowing system and zemacs, and general environment information.  I don't know if anyone would be interested in this document.  I'm interested in keeping the original artifact for nostalgia reasons, but I'd be willing to scan it in if there was interest.


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I'm working on restoring an LMI Lambda, which is missing both its tape drive and its disk drive.  If anyone has a Cipher F880 9-track drive or a Fujitsu Eagle SMD drive, drop me a line.  Be nice if they were in working condition, but so long as they're repairable I can work with 'em.


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