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> The AAV11-C is an analog output board and I know of no code for it as it was usually part of a user application.
> Same for its complementing Analog input board  ADV-11 M8000 and in systemss ussually appered with M6010
> digital output card, IBV-11 M7954 instrument bus interface.  See MINC-11 systems for more.

At my alma mater, the physics department had an 11/20 with AD01 and AA11 analog I/O, as well as DR11-A digital I/O and KW11-P programmable clock.  Originally that system ran DOS (8 kW, RC-11 system disk).  One of the professors had extended DEC BASIC to drive those peripherals.  For an honors project, I did the same and more with RT BASIC.  Among other things, you could write interrupt handlers in BASIC to respond to digital inputs or clock signals.

I also wrote a crude CRT display program by sending X/Y pairs to the AD01 and then to the X and Y inputs of a scope.  Refresh memory was on the RC11, using bus address increment to DMA directly from disk to AD01.


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