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On 2/22/17 1:58 PM, Paul Koning wrote:
>> On Feb 22, 2017, at 1:49 PM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at> wrote:
>>> From: Jim Stephens
>>> That A6006 produces a hit in this document
>>> ...
>>> ...
>>> 4 DACs, and a DC-DC converter.
>> Sounds like it might be a standard analog output board, for lab settings.
>> I'll bet the music thing is some marketing ploy, like the card game in 'The
>> Story of Mel'. (What, you haven't read 'The Story of Mel'?!? :-)
> Speaking of which, I wonder if the code for that program still exists.  Would be nice to run on the LGPs that are still around (or on the simulator).

The AAV11-C is an analog output board and I know of no code for it as it 
was usually part of a user application.
Same for its complementing Analog input board  ADV-11 M8000 and in 
systemss ussually appered with M6010
digital output card, IBV-11 M7954 instrument bus interface.  See MINC-11 
systems for more.

The sound (not music) card was actually a internally built and not sold 
(that I know of).  But people did use the D/A
cards to do music by outputting in real time created waveforms or by 
toggling bits on parallel cards.


> 	paul

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