DATARAM DR-118 docs?

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From what I have seen, yes. There is a Hex version of this board for the 8/A. the product for the E was a 2 board set. Each pair of boards had 16k X 12 bit. So two pair of boards are required. I have two pair but have some stuck bits I need to figure out.

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> Hi folks,
> Looking for documentation on the DATARAM DR-118 16Kx12 core memory for 
> PDP-8/e.  I have the documentation on the DR-118A which is for the PDP-8/a.
> It is probably similar, but would love to find the right version.
> Anyone have such thing?
> Thanks
> Eugene
> I don't have an answer for you only an additional question.

Since the E came out before the A and DATARAM made a board for the E, and quad boards from the E would work perfectly in the A why would you make a board specifically for the A?  Did they make a Hex board version of it for the A?  Was the E a two board set?

Hope you find the documentation.

Doug Ingraham
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