New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Mon Feb 20 08:53:00 CST 2017

Philipp wrote:
> I am so sorry that I use Eagle!
> Please let us stop this discussion. It's just a tool. And KiCAD is 
> another tool. I currently use Eagle and that's it.

I'm with Philipp on this.

Every time someone posts to the list to offer some piece of hardware they
are developing, our response is "You're doing it wrong.  Do it this way
instead.".  Then there follows a long and useless debate, quite tangential
to classic computing, which often ends up with the project getting delayed
or shelved, possibly because of the added hassle for the person doing the

When someone comes offering something like this, couldn't we just accept
that whoever is doing the work has already put some thought into it and
has good reasons for the options they are going with?  If they post
looking for suggestions, they are looking for suggestions, not looking
for someone to convert them to a different religeon.

We could just be thankful that someone is willing to put the effort into
doing something like this and make an effort to make things as easy as
possible for them.

If anyone doesn't like what is on offer, they are free to put the work
into creating what they believe would be a better project but not to
hold up what has already begun. 

Peter Coghlan.

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