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Adobe claims " PDF/A – the ISO standard  for long-term archiving"
-I  am confused about all the  versions  etc..
-which are  good  which are   bad? 
-are there good  programs  for  opening hesitant to open pdf  file?
- what is a good    freeware   PDF  generator?  / modifier?
- are older  versions of the reader  better than the newer ones?
-my HP scanner software makes PDF files  eiher as graphics or as  graphics 
with OCR
-is my  HP scanner making "good"   pdf  files that can be read into the 
Sorry if  I seem  confused on  this... but I  am!
thanks  for any  help   Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ (http://www.smecc.org) 
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>> PDF-A
>> which  is the reason it's not on bitsavers
> Thank you Al.  It's not just  me then who has heartburn with that format 
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I removed the /A format and put the copy up here:  


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