New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!

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On 14.02.2017 19:13, W2HX wrote:
> Personally, i don't care about lead free solder.
I care about lead: It's essential!

> Is there a rohs requirement for small production, non profit, prototyping project?
Yes. At least here: You are not allowed to put anything on the market 
which is not RoHS conform. And "putting on the market", in german 
"inverkehrbringen" does explicitly not mean "large quantity, for profit 
etc." Even doing it for fun and giving the product away for free is not 
allowed. With that they want to catch the smart people who try to sell 
kits and assemble them for free afterwards.

BTW the OmniUSB is NOT a non profit project!! I have to admit that! It 
gives me some funding for my Eagle license and workshop equipment. But 
not that much. And it does actually not cover a fraction of the 
development work. So it's for fun on the one hand but officially run by 
my small business on the other hand.

The CPLD and board design are not secret...

Kind regards

Philipp :-)

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> Hi,
>> I'm interested. How much did a board from the previous batch cost?
> Was different. I first made a poll and sold a batch of boards in my
> online shop for a certain price. It was somewhere about 105 EUR without VAT.
> After I received the payment, I made the boards and delivered them (I
> announced exactly that procedere!!).
> Later, as a few boards were left, I increased the price up to nearly EUR
> 200. I did it like with kickstarter - the people who trusted and funded
> got it cheaper. The whole thing barely covered the costs btw.
>> And
>> will that be any indication of what the new boards price?
> No, not really. But I already have some rough idea.
> The board will most probably be full size again. Reducing the size does
> seems not to offer enough benefit with respect to the hassle of adding
> enlargement afterwards.
> After my poll it looks as if there will be the following options:
> - Kit with full size board and SMT already soldered RoHS compliant.
> This will most probably go for short under EUR 100 (without VAT where it
> applies).
> I have to check with the assembly house. This time I try not to sit
> there and solder lead free SMD by hand for days. I like soldering SMT
> but that lead-free stuff and masses of boards can get quite annoying.
> The last boards were all hand soldered by me.
> One problem could be the gold fingers: My usual board house finally
> realized that their calculation tool was plain wrong when it charged me
> extra EUR 1,50 per board for the hard gold fingers.
> The board will be like the old ones but:
> * some unused (upper bit) IC positions removed
> * The diode stuff moved away from the edge (that was so stupid, sorry!)
> * The USB connector will be moved away from the edge, I will think about
> some holes to fix the cable using a strap. The USB will become mini USB.
> - Wonderful handle/set of handles to attach to the board. Probably made
> of milled wood, still thinking about it.
> This will be extremely expensive, I have no idea yet. Perhaps EUR 30 per
> "one piece" or set.
> And if someone really insists, I will manually complete and test a
> board. That would add another EUR 65 to the game. And perhaps an USB cable.
> If I continue to sell boards in that way, it will take not even 5 more
> years until it has paid for my Eagle 6 and 7 licenses..
> Please continue to add to the doodle "calendar", if you are interested.
> Kind regards,
> Philipp

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