New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!

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Thanks for doing this project and I have signed up! Curious why mini usb and why the exclamation points regarding "NOT micro?" Micro is so common. I have tons of usb-micro cables for all my devices. I don’t think I've seen a device made in the last several years with a mini. I have no mini usb cables, not that I can't purchase one, of course!

Eugene W2HX

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Subject: New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!

Hi folks,

it has taken a while but I'm now actively planning to shift out another batch of OmniUSB boards. The last batch is sold out for a long time and I've been asked for more from time to time.

As some of you might remember, it's a cool device to connect your pdp8/f/a/m/e to the modern world using lightning fast USB.

The originial board has it's website here:

The new board will do the same, perhaps even more.

- the USB connector will be replaced by a mini (NOT micro!!) USB connector.
- The connector position and cable routing will be improved.
- The board will be shorter. But it will come by default with a laser cut acrylic extension that makes it full size again.

There will be at least those options to buy:

- Kit (board + all parts)
- Kit+ (board + all parts, SMT already assembled)

- complete version - Everything soldered and tested.
- discount for omitting acrylic extender

I cannot guarantee that I can deliver fully assembled boards
(regulations) and would be able to do that only if there's a reasonable number of interested buyers.

If have set up a doodle poll to get a realistic picture of the interest in the board/kit/device:

PLEASE take the minute and fill in your name (ideally that I can recognise you) and check the options which most precisely match your demands.

PLEASE be as honest as possible as I will base my decisions IF and for which PRICE I can run the show.

Thank you!!!

Kind regards

Philipp :-)

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