need (physical) key for Sun SPARCserver 1000e

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Wed Feb 8 18:11:48 CST 2017

Got a picture of it?

I found that old PS/2 keys work in PDP-11 and VAX boxes, might work in the
SparcServer, too. (I don't remember any of the Sparcs att he Univerisity having
keys but they were old and maybe Sun came up with a reason to add one.)

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Subject: need (physical) key for Sun SPARCserver 1000e

Its literally Christmas for me today.

I came into physical position of a well optioned-out SPARCserver 1000e,
accompanied by several SPARC Storage Arrays.

I'm doing a physical review of the 1000e, i.e. re-seating boards, physical clean
up, etc.  And reviewing all the appropriate hardware documentation, still
available, directly from Oracle.

Anyway, on the front of the case is a (4) position power switch (i.e. standby,
on, DIAG, lock), that is unfortunately not set to the on position.

Hoping that someone out there either has a key that they will part with, or,
knows of another (presumably Sun) key that will work in the 1000e key switch.

Thanks for looking,

Jerry @ 75077

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