need (physical) key for Sun SPARCserver 1000e

Jerry Kemp other at
Wed Feb 8 18:06:13 CST 2017

Its literally Christmas for me today.

I came into physical position of a well optioned-out SPARCserver 1000e, 
accompanied by several SPARC Storage Arrays.

I'm doing a physical review of the 1000e, i.e. re-seating boards, physical clean 
up, etc.  And reviewing all the appropriate hardware documentation, still 
available, directly from Oracle.

Anyway, on the front of the case is a (4) position power switch (i.e. standby, 
on, DIAG, lock), that is unfortunately not set to the on position.

Hoping that someone out there either has a key that they will part with, or, 
knows of another (presumably Sun) key that will work in the 1000e key switch.

Thanks for looking,

Jerry @ 75077

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