tu58fs - PDP-11 file sharing with TU58 tape emulator, now RT-11

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at t-online.de
Tue Feb 7 02:56:10 CST 2017

Next milestone reached:

tu58fs 1.0 now supports the RT-11 file system, additional to DOS11/XXDP 

And its easier to use: I also precompiled binaries für Linux x64, Win32 
Cygwin, ARM Beaglebone Black and RPi.
Also some batch files show typical usage, XXDP/RT-11 tape and disk 
images are included.

Docs on http://retrocmp.com/tools/tu58fs
Precompiled releases at https://github.com/j-hoppe/tu58fs/releases

The RT-11 filesystem has the special features of "extended directory 
entries" and "file prefixes". These are fully supported by tu58fs, but I 
never heard of real-life usage. Anybody can talk about it, or has RT-11 
images with dir extension and/or file prefixes?


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