RL02 version of UNIX6?

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 17:22:32 CST 2017

John  or anyone...regarding this:

> >
>         The v3.2 version I have from bitsavers has the baseline disk a few
> bytes larger than
>         an RL01 so simH autosized it (incorrectly) to an RL02. Hopefully
> Mark’s new sizing
>         code should avoid this in the future. To copy an RL01 RSX disk to
> an RL02 you can use
>         BRU (Backup and Restore Utility). Get the magtape image
>         BB-L974F-BC_RSX11M_4.5_BRU64K.tap from bitsavers. Attach your
> RL01 image to
>         rl0 and create a new RL02 image attached to rl1. Boot the magtape:
>         first device is dl0:
>         second device is dl1:

I have made the bootable RL01 image and it works in simH.  I have
BB-L974F-BC_RSX11M_4.5_BRU64K.tap in place but what kind of tape device do
I set in simH to attach it?  I need to attach prior to booting and the
within RSX11/M

>  At the “>” prompt type “run bru”
>        At the “BRU>” prompt type “/init dl0: dl1:” and it will perform
the copy. If you copied the
>        baseline system, you should be able to boot the newly created RL02.

I have named the blank RL02 rlRSX11M.dsk

Almost there!


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