RL02 version of UNIX6?

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 10:17:55 CST 2017

>         simH did not change the size of the disk image. By default, simH
> will automatically
>         detect the type of disk on a particular controller (e.g.
> RL01/RL02, RK06/RK07) based
>         on the size of the disk image. When I attached the image and did
> a”sh rl0” it showed up
>         as an RL02 - those extra few bytes made the difference. The RSX
> distribution kit I
>         have is probably from a different source. Later testing showed
> that I could copy the
>         baseline disk to an RL02 using standalone BRU but I was unable to
> do the copy using
>         standalone DSC (an earlier backup program).
>         I just checked the current simH source and, if autosize is
> enabled, it treats any image file
>         larger than an RL01 as an RL02. If you turn off autosizing and set
> the drive to RL01, it
>         will always consider it an RL01, regardless of the actual size.
> Any attempt to read/write
>         past 5MB will return an error.
>   John.
OK, thanks for explanation.  I will report what happens when I try this.

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