RL02 version of UNIX6?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sun Feb 5 15:53:08 CST 2017

    > From: Mark Matlock

    > I also tried an 11/40 but the SET CPU NOEIS in Simh gave me an error

In Ersatz-11, an -11/40 without EIS works properly (i.e. it doesn't :-):
that's how I recognized his booting error! ;-)

    > From: John Forecast

    > Depending on the state of your EIS board you may want to stay with the
    > original un-mapped system - I suspect that the baseline mapped system
    > will always try to use the "sob" instruction.

No matter; SOB is part of the baseline instruction set in the -11/40. The EIS
board adds only MUL, DIV, ASH and ASHC.


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