RL02 version of UNIX6?

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Sun Feb 5 14:18:30 CST 2017

> On Feb 5, 2017, at 7:29 AM, william degnan <billdegnan at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 7:03 PM, Mark Matlock <mark at matlockfamily.com> wrote:
>>>> On Feb 2, 2017, at 11:19 PM, william degnan <billdegnan at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>> I am curious to see  what OS's run on an 11/40 without the EIS card
>> other
>>>> than RT-11.  I am researching this.  I have always wanted to learn more
>>>> about batch-11.
>> <snip>
>>> It may be that some flavors of RSX-11/M or /S can be built with no EIS,
>> since it's supposed to be possible to build a non-MMU version at least of
>> /S.  But I don't know the specifics (no RSX experience).
>>>      paul
>> Bill, Paul,
>>    I have been tinkering with old versions of RSX11M (back to V2) on
>> non-mapped CPUs, primarily PDP-11/05 as I hope to get mine running soon. On
>> Simh
>> with the CPU set as a PDP-11/05 which does not have EIS (I also tried an
>> 11/40 but the SET CPU NOEIS in Simh gave me an error so I couldn't be sure
>> if it was disabled) I was able to boot the baseline distribution for RSX11M
>> V4.0 on a RL02 distribution. See details below on the config I tested.
>> RSX11M is a pretty capable multitasking, multiuser system and would be good
>> fit for the PDP-11/40.
> RL02 or RL01?  I have only RL02 drives (2).  Are you saying you can
> 1) Use simH to set up the environment
> 2) Port to RL02 image disk
> 3) Take image put on actual RL02?
	I just checked and the V3.2 distribution disks on bitsavers are RL02 images (even if
	they are in the RL01 directory). The baseline image is an unmapped system which is
	a bit restrictive for your 11/40 but there is a full mapped system on the disk. To make
	the mapped system the default:

	1. boot the baseline unmapped system as Mark showed below. Make sure your
	    system is configured as an 11/40.

	2. type the following at the “>” prompt

		ins $boo
		boo [1,54]rsx11m

	  this will boot up the mapped system.

	3. to make this the default (after the acs command wait for a response that the
	    checkpoint file is inactive):

		acs sy:/blks=0
		sav /wb

	now you should have a bootable mapped system which you can copy to your
	physical RL02. Depending on the state of your EIS board you may want to
	stay with the original unmapped system - I suspect that the baseline mapped
	system will always try to use the “sob” instruction.


>> Best,
>> Mark
>> sim> sho cpu
>> CPU     11/05, idle enabled, autoconfiguration enabled
>>        64KB
>> sim> sh rl
>> RL      RL11, address=17774400-17774411, vector=160, 4 units
>>  RL0   2621KW, attached to rsxm32.rl01, on line
>>        write enabled, RL01
>>  RL1   2621KW, attached to excprv.rl01, on line
>>        write enabled, RL01
>>  RL2   2621KW, attached to mcrsrc.rl01, on line
>>        write enabled, RL01
>>  RL3   2621KW, attached to rlutil.rl01, on line
>>        write enabled, RL01
>> sim> b rl
>>  RSX-11M V4.0 BL32   28.K (BASELINE)
>>> RED DL:=SY:
>>> RED DL:=LB:
>>> @DL:[1,2]STARTUP
>>> TIM 17:52 04-FEB-80
>>> SET /BUF=TI:80.
>>> @ <EOF>
>>> dev
>> DL0: Mounted Loaded Type=RL01
>> DL1: Loaded Type=RL01
>> TT0:
>> NL0:
>> TI0:
>> CO0:    TT0:
>> CL0:    TT0:
>> LB0:    DL0:
>> SY0:    DL0:
>>> ins $pip
>>> pip /li
>> Directory DL0:[200,200]
>> 4-FEB-80 17:52
>> BLDLAINIT.CMD;1     14.        22-JAN-82 10:19
>> SGNBLDDRV.CMD;1     19.        22-JAN-82 10:19
>> SGNKLAB.CMD;1       70.        22-JAN-82 10:19
>> SGNSTAND.CMD;1      4.         22-JAN-82 10:19
>> SYSGEN.CMD;1        85.        22-JAN-82 10:19
>> SYSGEN2.CMD;1       79.        22-JAN-82 10:19
>> SYSGEN3.CMD;1       52.        22-JAN-82 10:19
>> Total of 323./323. blocks in 7. files
> I agree that it would run on the PDP 11/40 without EIS, but so far I have
> not been able to get it onto an image that will write to actual RL02
> disks.  I was playing around with this yesterday.
> I was also working on getting Fortran onto a RT11 disk and in general
> building a dual drive system that has a programming environment with enough
> space to save program and a dataset.
> I have a lot of RSX11/M manuals and docs here, compared with RT11 I'd love
> to use RSX.  Are tools made for RSX compatible with RT-11, I am reading up
> to see how these compare, what levels they're on...is RT11 like DOS and RSX
> like "Windows" that sits on top of it, etc.  I know RSX is not a GUI, just
> making an analogy.  I am researching all of this, up to this point I had
> only dabbled in RT11.
> Thanks
> Bill

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