RL02 version of UNIX6?

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 07:26:28 CST 2017

Tried my M7838 EIS this morning.  It is bad or there is a config/jumper
issue to investigate.  With the EIS installed I cannot boot RT-11 5.3 nor

The good news is that when I attempt to boot UNIX 6 I get a different error
than before.  Now, when I run rlunix at the ! prompt, the system responds
with all data lights and address light 1 ON.  The system still freezes, but
it's less "dead" than before, seems like it gets farther along indicating
the bootstrap at least starts before the EIS board fails somehow.

Now I have XXDP+ on a disk pack and I can run diagnostics on the EIS board,
if the system allows me to boot XXDP, see what happens.


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