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+1 for the TDS540.

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> Hello,
> all fine with Rigol or similar oscilloscopes, but there's a very important
> technical specification that often is not considered, which really DOES the
> difference between a cheap oscilloscope and a powerful one: waveforms per
> second.
> Suppose you are searching for a rare glitch, or that you are trying to
> trace an edge of a signal with infinite persistence.
> If the scope is a DSO, it just takes a sampling window,  the memory is full
> and requires data processing and display, in the meantime the signal is not
> analyzed, and you can lose important events.
> A DPO can capture the signal continuously, or at least with very short
> death time, and the display is updated using a large number of triggered
> sampling windows.
> Of course this kind requires a far powerful acquisition circuit.
> I really like DPO scopes in place of DSO, for example used Tek TDS540C or
> D, they are quite cheap, no electrolytic caps, and can be optionally
> expended to increase acquisition memory depth.
> Display is small and grey, but you can use a VGA monitor.
> My two cents.
> Andrea
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