Oscilloscope Recommendation

shadoooo shadoooo at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 13:54:47 CDT 2017

all fine with Rigol or similar oscilloscopes, but there's a very important
technical specification that often is not considered, which really DOES the
difference between a cheap oscilloscope and a powerful one: waveforms per
Suppose you are searching for a rare glitch, or that you are trying to
trace an edge of a signal with infinite persistence.
If the scope is a DSO, it just takes a sampling window,  the memory is full
and requires data processing and display, in the meantime the signal is not
analyzed, and you can lose important events.
A DPO can capture the signal continuously, or at least with very short
death time, and the display is updated using a large number of triggered
sampling windows.
Of course this kind requires a far powerful acquisition circuit.

I really like DPO scopes in place of DSO, for example used Tek TDS540C or
D, they are quite cheap, no electrolytic caps, and can be optionally
expended to increase acquisition memory depth.
Display is small and grey, but you can use a VGA monitor.

My two cents.


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