TRS-80 Model 12 versus 16B

Eric Smith spacewar at
Wed Apr 26 17:48:41 CDT 2017

On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 8:28 PM, Jim Brain via cctalk <cctalk at
> wrote:

> Been trying to Google things, but not having a lot of luck.  I understand
> both are white case, both have slimline drives, 12 had no card cage, I
> think I read somewhere that the 16 came with 68K std (no Z80?), and 12 had
> KB conn on case, 16B had KB conn on KB. Beyond that, though, would love
> more information.

All machines in the II/12/16/6000 family have the Z80.  When using the
68000 in equipped machines (16, 16b, 6000 from factory, II and 12 with
upgrade), the Z80 is responsible for booting the system and handling all of
the I/O.  The 68000 can't talk directly to anything except the Z80.

All the machines in the family can run Z80 software, including Model II

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