Genuine KM11 board (and plea for RX01 Front Bezel)

Tony Duell ard.p850ug1 at
Mon Apr 24 12:48:53 CDT 2017

On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 4:03 PM, Rick Bensene via cctalk
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> Tony D. wrote:
>> Are any DEC enthusiasts here jealous of this :
> Interesting coincidence.   I was digging through some boxes of stuff yesterday, and I came
> across two sets of these in really nice condition.   Haven't tested 'em yet (had /no/ idea
> that they could be used for diagnosis of an RX01 control board) but looks like they should
> be pretty simple to check out.  I had didn't know of the existence of these before yesterday.
> I did a little searching and found that they are useful for debugging 11/35 and 11/40 systems,
> as well as RK05 drives...but didn't see anything about the RX01 drive electronics.

They are certainly used with the 11/35 and 11/40. Also with the 11/05
and 11/10, I think
the 11/20 has a slot for them (that's what the labels in the etch of a
genuine KM11 seem
to be for) and the 11/45. Possibly other Unibus processors

AFAIK they are not used with RK05 drives, but are used with both types of Unibus
controller for same (RK11-C and RK11-D). And the RK11 of course.

Possibly other things, but those are the ones I've come across.

> Speaking of RX01's, does anyone out there have a spare front bezel for the RX01
> that they'd be willing to part with?
> I have a working RX01 on my 8/e system (both drives good, amazingly) but the
> bezel was missing when I got it.
> It'd be nice to have, as it looks rather dumpy in the rack with the rest of the system.

Pity you're not in the UK. I have a spare RX02 that I don't really
need... I don't
want to strip it for parts but I could be convince to part with the
complete thing.


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