Genuine KM11 board (and plea for RX01 Front Bezel)

Rick Bensene rickb at
Mon Apr 24 10:03:41 CDT 2017

Tony D. wrote:

> Are any DEC enthusiasts here jealous of this :

Interesting coincidence.   I was digging through some boxes of stuff yesterday, and I came across two sets of these in really nice condition.   Haven't tested 'em yet (had /no/ idea that they could be used for diagnosis of an RX01 control board) but looks like they should be pretty simple to check out.  I had didn't know of the existence of these before yesterday.   I did a little searching and found that they are useful for debugging 11/35 and 11/40 systems, as well as RK05 drives...but didn't see anything about the RX01 drive electronics.   

Speaking of RX01's, does anyone out there have a spare front bezel for the RX01 that they'd be willing to part with?  
I have a working RX01 on my 8/e system (both drives good, amazingly) but the bezel was missing when I got it. 
It'd be nice to have, as it looks rather dumpy in the rack with the rest of the system.

Best wishes to all,
Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Museum
Beavercreek, Oregon  USA

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