Remex Tape Reader - Pre-power up advice?

Pete Lancashire pete at
Sun Apr 16 14:02:55 CDT 2017

I would first be more concerned with the ones I've circled

Guessing this guy was built > 30-40 years ago. If it was mine I would
replace all the smaller ones.

Get it over and done with.

The ones that have screws, you can take the chance of putting a scope
across them (watch out if they are floating !!) and look at the ripple, I
any over say 2%, they are more than likely bad, but you can see if the
reform or not. More then a couple % and you can damage things.

Other things I do

Check the voltages quickly

Check the thermal grease on all the heat sinks.


PS keep your eyes open from replacement lamps.

On Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 11:28 AM, Anders Nelson via cctalk <
cctalk at> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I recently impulse-bought a paper tape reader from eBay, a Remex
> RRS6500BE1/660/DRB/U901
> Link:
> Pictures:
> It has several enormous capacitors in it and I want to do my due diligence
> before powering it up. Does anyone have advice in this regard? I'm
> competent in soldering and rework of all sorts but definitely more in
> digital than analog.
> Also the spindles squeak very slightly - are they oilable?
> In general it looks to be in pristine condition; no dust and no magic-smoke
> smell. The only repair item I can find is a sticking tape roller and gentle
> bending oughta solve that.
> I await your thoughts!
> --
> Anders Nelson
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