Remex Tape Reader - Pre-power up advice?

Anders Nelson anders.k.nelson at
Sun Apr 16 13:28:54 CDT 2017

Hi guys,

I recently impulse-bought a paper tape reader from eBay, a Remex



It has several enormous capacitors in it and I want to do my due diligence
before powering it up. Does anyone have advice in this regard? I'm
competent in soldering and rework of all sorts but definitely more in
digital than analog.

Also the spindles squeak very slightly - are they oilable?

In general it looks to be in pristine condition; no dust and no magic-smoke
smell. The only repair item I can find is a sticking tape roller and gentle
bending oughta solve that.

I await your thoughts!
Anders Nelson

+1 (517) 775-6129

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