Chip in first Apple AirPort WiFi

ethan at ethan at
Wed Apr 12 10:34:09 CDT 2017

> If I recall correctly, as you've noted it was a WaveLAN / Orinoco silver
> card ('HERMES' chipset), connected via PCMCIA to a SBC based around an AMD
> ELAN SC400 - 33AC 486-like CPU. It had something like a couple megs of RAM
> and maybe 512K of FLASH. I don't know what OS it ran, if anything 'off the
> shelf'
> Why do you ask?

One of the early Apple Airports ran NetBSD, I believe supported by Wasabi 
Systems originally of NYC, then Norfolk VA. Not sure if it was the first.

I still have a pre-wifi 13" long ISA WaveLan card that is in the 915mhz 
ISM band sitting on a shelf.

Ethan O'Toole

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