PDP-8e power switch key?

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Wed Nov 30 23:43:58 CST 2016

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> On 11/30/2016 8:35 PM, W2HX wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> What are people doing for keys for the 8e? Is there a standard key used for all of them? Or do I need to have one made with some specific serial number of my key lock?  I did some googling of this issue but wasn't able to get info.
>> Thanks
>> Eugene W2HX
> Since I'm going to get some keys made, I looked up Jay's posting of 
> keys, three of which we verified from his formulas.
> Here is the posting from March 2016
> Here are the formulas he posted then.  I thought there were more 
> discussions about making an archival page, but I did not go on and look 
> up whether it was made up or not.
> As Ethan said, somewhere there is also a 3d print STD file I believe, 
> but the locksmith numbers are better.
> **** key post contents ****
> FYI - the key codes I measured previously for Data General and HP have been
> cut, tested, and verified. Amazingly, my measurements were correct. So to
> summarize:
> XX2247
> Code: 5173757
> Use: DEC PDP-8 (all varieties), PDP-11 machines that do not use an ACE blank
> (11/24, 11/44)
> XX2065
> Code: 1353757
> Use: Data General Nova (800,1200,1220,2,3) Eclipse (S/130,S/200)
> XX2946
> Code: 4557457
> Use: Hewlett-Packard 2100A/2100S
> NOTE: The codes above are listed 7-1, and all key cuts are center offset.
> Still unconfirmed or need more information:
> Cromemco: XX4306
> Code: (Mike Stein was going to measure his cuts)
> Use: Cromemco Systems CS-1/CS-3/CS-100
> J

As a matter of fact I did measure the Cromemco cuts and post the numbers, but there may have been some ambiguity regarding clockwise vs. anti-clockwise; if/when I get a chance I'll measure them again.


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