DEC M9312 Configs for a 11/40

william degnan billdegnan at
Mon Nov 28 20:46:34 CST 2016

> Recently (today) I noticed Address light 16 would come on when I examine
> an address.  For example

All switches down, turn on machine  (set to 000 000)
RUN/PROC/BUS/CONSOLE lights come one, all other lights off
address light 16 comes on, RUN/PROC/BUS/CONSOLE lights stay on.
If I hit START light 16 turns off.
If I try again, to load an address, the address I selected appears, but so
does light 16.

I believe I have seen the explanation for this symptom somewhere, but
reading the 11/40 CPU manual and handbook and I could not find the
explanation.  Does anyone know what this means?

I have been booting directly into the console, lately the system has no
problem loading and running from the console.  Perhaps this huge missed
issue is the root of the problem I have been having get much else done.


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