Wanted for RSX-11M Plus 4.6: the DECnet install tapes

Oscar Vermeulen oscar.vermeulen at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 27 13:59:06 CST 2016


Memo to self: the DECnet install tape image *is* complete, my know-how isn't... 
As someone showed me:

.mou mu3:/for
.bru /rew/dir mu3:
VOL1.   INSTALL      NETKIT       25-JAN-99 16:04:05
VOL1.   NETKIT       NETKIT       25-JAN-99 16:04:15
VOL1.   DECKIT       DECKIT       25-JAN-99 16:05:33
VOL1.   PREGENRL02   ENDNODEKIT   25-JAN-99 16:07:47
BRU - Completed

Beg your pardon :)

Kind regards,


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