Wanted for RSX-11M Plus 4.6: the DECnet install tapes

Oscar Vermeulen oscar.vermeulen at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 27 12:27:39 CST 2016


I am trying to do a clean install of RSX-11MP 4.6 on simh. I have found the install magtapes on Bitsavers, and they work fine.

However, trying to install DECnet, I found only 1 of the 2 (or 3) install tapes.

What is missing is the decnet11mp46-deckit tape. The accompanying **netkit** tape is on Bitsavers, but not the **deckit** tape. So you cannot complete the install process...

Does anyone have this tape? I know there's an installed simh *disk* image, I also know you can fix the problem with it. 
But there is just nothing like having a full, proper install process to come up with your own setup :)
And it would be nice if the last version is preserved completely.

Kind regards,


For reference:

A. installation magtapes for RSX-11 M PLUS 4.6:

    1. http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/www.bitsavers.org/bits/DEC/pdp11/magtapes/rsx11mplus/BB-J0830-01.M01_RSX11M+_V4.6_1999.tap
    2. http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/www.bitsavers.org/bits/DEC/pdp11/magtapes/rsx11mplus/BB-J0830-01.L01_RSX11M+_V4.6_BRU_1999.tap

B. installation magtapes for the accompanying DECnet 11mp46:

    1. http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/www.bitsavers.org/bits/DEC/pdp11/magtapes/rsx11mplus/decnet11mp46-netkit.tap
    2. MISSING: the DECKIT tape.

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