Other SMS300/8X300/8X305 uses?

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Sun Nov 27 09:14:50 CST 2016

I'm starting to work through my board pile.

The IRMA card is the only 8X305 I've seen lately that isn't in a disc controller.

I have a bunch more disk controllers in the queue, mostly multibus, the ADC S-100
and some others.

On 11/26/16 8:39 PM, Eric Smith wrote:
> Now that I have an 8X300 (etc.) disassembler, which I've used to
> disassemble the Western Digital WD1000 and WD1001 firmware, and the Zendex
> ZX-203 firmware, I've become curious as to what other products used the
> SMS300/8X300/8X305.  Does anyone know of any?
> In the early to mid-1980s, the 8X300 was a good choice for hard disk
> controllers, because all instructions took 250ns, and a single instruction
> could read an I/O port or RAM location, shift and mask, and write another
> I/O port or RAM location. At the time, no MOS microprocessor was even close
> to that.

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