Other SMS300/8X300/8X305 uses?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sun Nov 27 01:11:56 CST 2016

On 11/26/2016 08:39 PM, Eric Smith wrote:
> Now that I have an 8X300 (etc.) disassembler, which I've used to 
> disassemble the Western Digital WD1000 and WD1001 firmware, and the
> Zendex ZX-203 firmware, I've become curious as to what other products
> used the SMS300/8X300/8X305.  Does anyone know of any?

My Durango 900 series machine uses one for the hard disk controller on
what is about the size of an S100 card, but a little smaller.  It fits
in the expansion area just in back of the floppy drives and drives an
ST506-interface drive.

The previous model used a Shugart SA4000 external hard drive and a card
with an Intel 8291 and 8292 to implement a GPIB link.  The controller
itself is full of TTL and matches the footprint of the SA4000.
Microsystems Consultant in Sunnyvale designed it.

There was a floppy controller in the Signetics Bipolar 8X300 line.  It's
in the Signetics Bipolar Microcomputer databook.


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