A good shipping service for large computers?

Todd Goodman tsg at bonedaddy.net
Sat Nov 26 08:03:21 CST 2016

* Noel Chiappa <jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu> [161125 18:49]:
> I have had good luck with PakMail (http://www.pakmail.com/); I've had them
> ship a couple of 6' racks (one from Arizona, one from Toronto), and been very
> happy with the results.

Hi Noel,

Did you have any issues with customs bringing in the racked equipment
from Toronto?

I've had so much trouble in the past that I've had to use a customs
broker (this was a container from England.)

They wanted prices and state of origin for all the pieces and pulled
everything out of the container for inspection twice (which I paid for
including transport to and from the inspection station of course.)

For the OP, I've had good success shipping racks and an a keypunch with
integrated table, both unpalleted, via uShip.  The key to use them is
specify everything in great detail (covered, unpalleted, etc) up front.
Both times the carrier knew it was unpalleted computer equipment and did
a good job using blankets and strapping them into the trucks.  I did
have help preparing the racks (getting cables all inside the racks and
shrink wrapping them to keep things from sliding out, thanks Steve!)

The other carrier did a great job picking up the keypunch (the seller
was very happy with them) and delivering.  They mostly ship antiques and
pianos and other items that can be fragile and not palleted and so were
a good choice for shipping vintage computer equipment.)

Both were very competitively priced in my experience.



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