A good shipping service for large computers?

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Sat Nov 26 03:39:50 CST 2016

we liked our winstar that was on a  taurus  wagon chassis  I  was  told... 
wish we still had it  hauled a lot of  stuff in  it!
currently have a  subaru forester...    unfortunately  is is not  as much 
volume as the winstar with the seats  out!     I  hear the outback  has a 
longer   cargo  area.Ed# 
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elson at pico-systems.com writes:

On  11/25/2016 05:49 PM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
> I have discovered that a Ford  Taurus wagon nicely holds an H960 6'x19" 
> (I joked that the car  must have been designed by someone who collects old
> gear :-), so I  have been able to pick up a shipment consisting of _two_
> H960's this  way: one inside, and one on the roof rack. With only one 
> one  has to remove the heavy units first, and put them in the car  
> but it can be done.
No, it was designed by a  guy whose wife plays harp in the 
symphony. My cousin does that, and the  Taurus from years ago 
was the only station wagon that would fit it.   The others 
came up short by just one  inch!


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