for sale/trade: big list of both old and (relatively) new, deadline: end of November (ideally)

MG mgariboldi at
Sun Nov 20 18:29:58 CST 2016

The following is for sale, or trade possibly.

Most of the listed items I've used together with SGI IRIX and 
HP/Compaq/DEC OpenVMS and Digital/Tru64 UNIX systems and served me very 

I need to sell this by the end of the month (Nov-2016), else I'll have 
to potentially scrap a considerable bunch of it.

I probably forgot to mention a number of things and perhaps I made a few 
mistakes here and there.  I'll try to update (and if needed, correct) 
this list with follow-up posts.  For now, this is the list of items:

     -    SGI systems, e.g. MIPS R5000 and R5200 processor equipped O2s 
notably, perhaps also a teal Indigo² with 250-MHz R4400, at least 256 
Mbytes (also up to 1 Gbyte available) of RAM, various types of CPUs 
available, along with various other options in terms of disks, video 
I/O, etc. (ask me)    --> suggestion: if you don't care for IRIX, an O2 
would still make an excellent X terminal to any e.g. other system, too, 
as they don't consume a lot of power and they're wonderfully small;

     -    SGI parts, like an SGI Tezro dual-processor 700-MHz R16000 
system board and an SGI DMediaPro DM10 IEEE-1394a FireWire PCI card plus 
cable and manual;

     -    DEC Multia/UDB VX40B, maximized, with 166-MHz LCA4/21066 
processor, the maximum amount of RAM (256 Mbytes), large 73.4-Gbyte 2½" 
SCSI HDD (with Tru64 UNIX V5.1B[-5?] optionally pre-installed, OpenVMS 
V7.2 also works on it, the original vertical stand and documents are 
present, too), Ensoniq AudioPCI (16-bit 48-KHz) audio card, replacement 
NVRAM/TOY back-up battery, experimental SRM console, PCI audio card and 
custom-shoehorned, etc.;

     -    various older/non-x86 or compatible computer (besides earlier 
mentioned SGI, e.g. DEC, Compaq and HP) bits & parts, think of FireWire 
(e.g. IEEE-1394a), audio, etc. cards, cables and such ... included are 
things like an AlphaServer DS15-compatible PCI audio card, HP IEEE-1394a 
FireWire PCI card (rare, should work in some HP Integrity systems) and 
more (ask me for details);

     -    Exar/Neterion/S2io 10-Gbit fiber-optical (10GBASE-SR) PCI-X 
Ethernet NICs including transceivers, besides x86/-64 also OpenVMS and 
IRIX compatible (and tried/used in various systems, including HP 
rx2600s, rx2620s and a DS15 and also an SGI Tezro), LC FC cables 
optionally available, too;

     -    Mellanox 40-Gbit InfiniBand PCI-E adapters (3 total), optional 
copper and fiber-optical cables, in various lengths, are also available;

     -    various (e.g. HP) HBAs, notably SCSI (e.g. Ultra160 and 
Ultra320) and FC (e.g. 2-Gbit and 4-Gbit), for PCI/-X or PCI-E, many 
PCI/-X cards also compatible with IRIX and even OpenVMS, some include 
the HP-branded "combo" types, providing both dual-channel FC (HBA) and 
Ethernet (NIC);

     -    various optical/tape drives and media (e.g. DVD-RAM, various 
data & cleaning tapes, of which many brand new), DDS/DAT of many types 
(e.g. DDS-2/DAT12, DDS-3/DAT24, DDS-4/DAT40 and DDS-5/DAT72) Ultrium 
(mostly LTO-1 and LTO-3), mostly of brands like HP (notably), Quantum 
and Sony... to summarize several:
         -- HP Ultrium LTO-3 SCSI half-height tape drives
         -- Quantum Ultrium LTO-1 SCSI full-height tape drive
         -- various Ultrium LTO-3, -2 and -1 cleaning and data cartridge 
tapes (mostly HP-branded)
         -- various (HP and Sony-branded) DDS-4/DAT40 tape drives, also 
one DDS-5/DAT72 drive, all with
         -- various DDS-5/DAT72, DDS-4/DAT40, DDS-3/DAT24, DDS-2/DAT12 
and DDS-1/DAT8 tapes;

     -    various DVD-RAM discs, both with and without the plastic caddies;

     -    various HP, AXUS and Ciprico brand Ultra320 SCSI/S-ATA-bridged 
& 2-Gbit or 4-Gbit FC external enclosures, for HDDs (optionally 
including large capacity HDDs, also hardware RAID functionality 
depending per enclosure), 5¼" devices and more (these can be tricky to 
ship, but not impossible), to summarize some of it:
         -- AXUS Demon SA-16U4P Ultra320 SCSI<=>S-ATA RAID storage 
enclosure, including 16 * 1-Tbyte S-ATA HDDs and spares --> advantages: 
relative low power consumption and triple-redundant power
         -- Ciprico/Huge Systems MediaVault 4-Gbit FC/FC-AL RAID disk 
array, including transceivers, 10 * 250-Gbyte P-ATA HDDs plus one or 
more spare HDDs    --> advantages: low power consumption and rather silent
         -- HP StorageWorks M5313A FC/FC-AL 2-Gbit (JBOD) disk array, 
including transceivers and 14 * 146.8-Gbyte FC HDDs and one or two spare 
HDDs, too    --> note: perhaps not useful for OpenVMS users as-is, as 
JBOD and FC-AL are a no-go, but it can be used in a larger SAN setup;

     -    various types of printed documents/documentation (various 
manuals and reference guides, from e.g. SGI and Intel);

     -    APC Smart-UPS 3000 XLM (heavy-duty, 3000VA capacity) UPS 
back-up battery aggregate power system, plus special APC RJ-45 USB cable 
(the whole unit is perhaps hard to ship, but not impossible I guess), 
this UPS can sustain e.g. several 2U and even some 4U HP Integrity 
servers for up to 30~40 minutes (depending on the loads, of course);

     -    HP OpenVMS Alpha V8.4 SPL (Software Product Library) July 
2010, including the original box and 'documents';

     -    lots of relatively recent 300-Gbyte and 146.8-Gbyte 80-pin 
(SCA/-2) and 68-pin 10K and some 15K RPM, hot-swap, SCSI HDDs (most are 

     -    older <=9-Gbyte SCSI disks, from various vendors, some with 
(e.g. DEC) firmware, with 50-, 68- and 80-pin (SCA/-2) connectors (many 
DEC and Compaq/HP-branded ones, relevant for OpenVMS and Digital/Tru64 
UNIX, too);

     -    HP StorageWorks 3U external 5¼" SCSI expansion enclosure, room 
for 4 (68-pin) SCSI devices (including optical drives, tape drives and 
including full-height models);

     -    PCMCIA and PC card items: SanDisk CompactFlash card reader, 
SIIG IEEE-1394a adapter, USB 2.0 adapter and an Adaptec Fast SCSI 
adapter plus cable;

     -    Apple ADB and serial items: Griffin iMate adapters (2 total, 1 
in original packaging) and Keyspan adapter;

     -    Chieftec SNT-3141 S-ATA HDD backplane plus sleds and I can 
provide 3 * free 250-Gbyte S-ATA HDDs    --> suggestion: perhaps useful 
for in a system like the HP zx2000 (if it fits, of course; I never tried 

     -    IBM System x central fan tray (P/N: 90P4618, FRU P/N: 26K4761) 
and also (e.g.) x346 rack rails (might fit on other devices/systems, 
too), SCSI HDD caddies, fans and more (ask me);

     -    HP KVMIP console (PN 262589-821) 8-port extender hub, no power 
supply required for this;

     -    Gefen 1080p HDMI scaler, professional grade (original box 
present), useful for some computers and monitors to correct aspect ratios;

     -    non-computer items, or indirectly: professional SDI equipment, 
like JVC-branded CRT and LCD monitors, Miranda bridges (including for 
IEEE-1394a FireWire to SDI) and more, also many cables of various 
lengths available and also photo & video equipment (e.g. Nikon D70 plus 
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 18-70mm f/1:3.5-4.5G zoom lens, a barely used Sony 
HDR-FX1000/E plus accessories and various bits & parts and a Tamron TV 
Zoom Lens 12.5-75mm f/1.8 with C mount with constant aperture over the 
zoom range).

All the items are located in the Netherlands.  I'll provide more 
information and pictures on demand.

As far as possible trades go.  I'm mostly interested in lenses (mostly 
in Nikon F/G, Pentax K, Leica M, Leica M39, M42 and Sony E-Mount 
mounts), in particular fast longer telephoto lenses (135mm and above), 
also enlarger lenses.

  - MG

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