I knew my deceased uncle worked for EAI after retireing from Signal Corps I

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Sun Nov 20 01:02:01 CST 2016

I found this ad!
>From what  I knew of him he was more of an admin type  person  than 
a hands on person..  
If anyone else  finds something related to him at EAI let me  know.
When I worked  for him  before I had started my computer  business
and stayed at his  house  I do not remember much of  any  hoarded stash of  
must be  from living then Army  life  for over 20 years  where you moved 
all the time..
anyway here is  the ad I found!

230 Dataplotter 
Designed for time-share users I self-contained, desktop device, compatibly  
interfaced to keyboard terminals and acoustic couplers / operates at 
maximum  speed in all directions'l includes easy-to-use FORTRAN plot ting  
Electronic Associates, Inc. 185 Monmouth Pkwy. West Long Branch, N.J. 07764 
 Attn: Ed Sharpe
COMPUTERS and AUTOMATION for March, 1971 
Ed Sharpe ( the younger)  Archivist for SMECC  _www.smecc.org_ 

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