KIM-1 Debugging tool

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Actually it'll use a EEPROM for the 6530 emulator. I've located

some small 28C64s. The advantage is that these can be programmed

with the debug board while on the KIM board. It should look good as

well because it will be tucked under the 6532. The registers are slightly

different on the 6530 and 6532 but they should work the same if one

ties the 6532s A4 a constant high. This looses half the 6532s 128 bytes

of RAM but the 6530 only had 64 bytes anyway so nothing really lost.

The only difference then is the interrupt. The 6532 has edge or level

interrupt but few people wire up the interrupt. It isn't clear but I believe

the 6530 is a level interrupt and that should be the reset level for the


I'm looking at board maker options.


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On 11/13/2016 12:10 PM, Pete Turnbull wrote:
> On 13/11/2016 15:52, dwight wrote:
>> I've created a simple debugging board that one can plug onto the
>> KIM's expansion buss that has debug code on it. It allows one to find
>> out what is failing on the KIM so they know what to replace.
>> While developing it, I found that my 6530-002 is bad. As we all know,
>> these are custom made and no longer available. There is a similar
>> part, the 6532 that is similar, without ROM.
>> After verifying that every thing works, I may create PC boards for
>> the debug and 6532 adapter.
>> I'm looking to see how many people would be interested in buying a
>> set of boards?
> Count me in, please.
Add me to the list. It is possible to have the 6532 and a eprom as a
6530 emulator.


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